Judy M. Colabella, D.O.
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Judy M. Colabella, D.O.
Osteopathic Manipulative
Address: 830 S. Mason Rd.              
                Suite B-5
                Katy, TX  
Phone:    281-507-0732
Fax:         877-890-4365
Email:     jmcomt@wt.net
Patient Forms
Please complete all patient forms with medical history and symptom questionnaire prior to the first office visit so that we can focus on your problem and spend the majority of our time together in treatment.  Generally I can obtain much information during that time which can vary from 45 to 60 minutes on a first visit to 25 minutes on later visits. How you respond and how long you have had problems will determine the length of time for each visit.
Usually it is recommended to receive Osteopathic treatment (Cranial-Sacral, Myofascial Release,  Muscle Energy, Trigger Point, and other techniques) weekly for the first 4-6 visits but that also varies depending on severity and response. After the initial treatment you may find you need only return for maintenance or rebalancing monthly or less often.
Others may find they need more frequent treatments initially. The older and more serious the problem/injury the longer it will take to heal. The intent is for you to be an active participant in your healing and to stretch out treatments so that you are coming in to maintain the balanced
state you have achieved and eventually have no need for them.
Consider any injuries, trauma, illnesses, and history that may contribute to your present concern. You may have an idea about something that normally would not seem related but comes to mind. Also consider the impact this has had on you physically and emotionally. If you have been depressed or anxious, fatigued or hyperactive your energy and your healing will be affected by them.  Please share this information. Sometimes the smallest, seemingly insignificant event can be the very core of what is bothering you.
You will find the treatment relaxing. Often individuals fall asleep. You may not feel anything happening or you may feel warmth, pulsating, tingling or other signs of increased circulation and function to a body part. Other things that you may notice following a treatment is increased nasal/sinus drainage, increased bowel or bladder function, improved range of motion, and return of function. Occasionally patients experience soreness or temporary discomfort. These are the body’s responses to treatment.
On the day of your appointment, please bring your driver’s license, insurance or Medicare card and your completed patient forms (medical history, patient responsibilities and information and privacy practices) and any reports from your x-rays, MRIs, etc.  You should wear or bring loose clothing such as t-shirts, sweat pants, shorts; remove earrings, necklaces, socks and shoes and anything in your pockets during your treatment.  Please also bring or wear shoes that you wear regularly, any shoe inserts, orthotics and dental appliances.
I am a Christian who prays for each individual before and during (silently) each treatment.  I am not a “faith healer” but I am happy to pray (aloud) with you about any concerns you may have.  If you have any questions or concerns related to treatment please feel free to ask. If I cannot give you an answer immediately I will get an answer for you as soon as possible.
Please note that payment in the form of a check or cash is due at time of visit. I will happily submit a claim on your behalf to your insurance for reimbursement to you.